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northeast of new zealand's capital. >>> a meeting is underway in gilroy. maureen naylor spoke to residence this evening. >> more than 100 residents held hands. >> we want to save our foothills. >> they say, "save our foot hills!" >> i do not want to see this happen. >> the potential is devastating and if this goes forward, it will break the heart of the community. >> reporter: this is the only hill in the northwest area untouched a and home to frolicking. even opponents notify is an uphill battle. >> i know that if it is not approved, there will not be additional tax dollars coming into the city of gilroy. >> reporter: because its tentative plan was approved in 2006 the council is obligated to approve the development. >> this particular development does present quite a bit of a hillside and part of a component of this is a trail and they will have access to a park further up the hill. >> reporter: the plan is set for final approval july 18. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> organizers tell us they sold 89,000 tickets over the five days of the marin county fair that added up to $1.3
. >> the bay area's largest court system is down in the south bay. today maureen naylor reports but this will mean. >> reporter: he waited a half- hour line only to leave frustrated. >> that are less clerks are you have two ways in line -- and you have to wait in line. >> reporter: outside, stacks of files need to be processed. what used to take days now takes weeks. >> assets may be dissipated. there is a lot of money. the quicker you are able to stand in line the more likely you will be able to get back your money. >> reporter: 50% of the core jobs are vacant and they will have $1 million in cuts justice fiscal year. the court is committed to keeping its 89 courtrooms open at roughly 850 employees working. >> we will have to ask the public to enjoy high vacancy rate which means a drop in services. they cannot do everything they want to do. >> reporter: one project in jeopardy is the new family courthouse. the court holds the project is far enough along that he can keep it going. maureen naylor and, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> cisco systems announced plans to eliminate 5200 employ
officers all casualties of city budget cuts. ktvu's maureen naylor was there for the emotional farewells. maureen-- >> reporter: frank we spoke with the san jose police chief and he calls this the worse day of this police department because for the first time they had to lay off officers. police officers waited in line for minutes to do something that was pending for months. turn over their badge, and i.d. that means so much to them. >> if it were up to me, i would grab my gear and be on time and do the best job i could. >> reporter: outside the union hall, a somber procession of those that followed. >> if there's a chance i will get brought back in. i don't know if i will come in, i have a lot of bitterness against the council and the department and i don't know if i can overcome that right now. >> reporter: this 37-year-old husband with his first baby on the way lost his job. >> i am trying to stay positive and hopefully this is just a bump in my career. >> reporter: this career war veteran has already found a new job. san jose has 111 officers and police chief says it will impact pol
sit there and just doing the movies. >> reporter: reporting live in los gatos, maureen naylor. >>> some changes may be coming in who delivers your mail and when. these new high tech sorts machines in san jose too the work of more than 20 -- do the work of more than 200 people. the so the postal service will be hiring less postal carriers. but the postal service says no lay offs are expected. >>> and your weekend just around the corner. temperatures they are going to warm up. we saw a few degrees warming in the north bay today. temperatures tomorrow will be warmer still. we come in a little closer and you see fog is left along the coast. our friends out at half-moon bay for the first time are seeing some sunshine. right now i'm tracking the fog as it tries to reform tonight. certainly less drizzle in the forecast. there'll be fog again. but it's not going to have that real wet moist real big push it's had the last mornings. tomorrow morning it'll be chilly, the fog will be there but it will burn off more rapidly. that takes us into the bay area weekend. these are your forecast
is scheduled for this saturday morning weather permitted. it is the end of an era. maureen naylor has the story. >> reporter: today we spoke to the father of this bay area astronaut and also to a professor. shuttle atlantis is set to launch friday morning marking the last launch. >> it was oversold, at one time they said it would operate once a week. the most it ever flew was seven times in one year. >> reporter: the former nasa aims director says while the shuttle launched the hubble and built the international space station it's time to move on. >> good astronaut friendover minest said while you're going around the earth you're exploring the first 30 times but after that you're not exploring, you're just going around in circles. >> reporter: hubble overlooked at the program. >> it is high risk, aging and very expensive. should be recertified or replaced. >> reporter: 40-year-old san carlos native rex walhite will be one of four astronauts on the last flight. he has gone on two prior shuttle missions. >> i'm proud of him. him to be no fear. he's a good man. >> reporter: all shuttle commanders
says it has no choice but to proceed. ktvu's maureen naylor says opponents are against that and taking a step to get their message across. >> reporter: we are on rollings hills drive and we start neighbors start to gather. about 25. they plan to form a human chain around this hillside to change a plan the city says is a done deal. >> reporter: when she walks out of her home she has a view. >> beautiful area. >> while most hillsides are dotted with development, this is the only one untouched. a plan to put 71 homes here will scare off the wildlife. >> the potential is devastating and if this goes forward it will break the heart of the community. >> i particularly asked the developers that i bought the house from if that was going to be developed and they said no. >> reporter: they formed a group and gathered 375 signatures but the fight is an uphill batter. >> i understand the flip side of the coin, additional taxes. >> is there a chance this could be stopped? >> no. >> reporter: the city says because a plan was approved after public hearings in 2006. the counsel is obligated to approve
. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details on that accident. officials say 19 of the 35 people rescued were u.s. tourists. the other 16 were mexican crew members. >>> new details about that deadly shooting at bart station in san francisco. ktvu's david stevenson tells us one key question is why did thorses not use their taser. -- the officers not use their tasers. >> reporter: 93 we are hearing from people who were here. he says he heard 4-5 shots as officers confronted and shot to death a man inside san francisco's station. bart chief of police says it began at 9:35 p.m. about a call about a white male. >> there was a white male subject walking around that platform with a open bottle of alcohol. >>> the two officers, one with six years experience, the other 18 months, arrived at 99:45. within a minute the suspect had been shot. >> the guy is armed with a knife, used the bottle as a weapon. one of the officers is injured. our officers used the force they felt was necessary in defense of their lives. >> reporter: the injured officers suffered a minor cut. both officers are on a
in yesterday's shooting in san francisco. ktvu's maureen naylor explains police video taken by a resident helped investigators locate the weapon. in the video you see a large crowd following yesterday's officer involved shooting. the person who posted it anonymously claims you see a handgun about 20 feet from the mortally wounded teenager and that someone in a hooded sweatshirt picked it up. >> the person who posted that video shows that there was a firearm at the scene, that someone picked it up took off with the weapon. >> reporter: independent witnesses backed up the story that when they tried to arrest the suspect, they shot at them. >> there had been shots fired at the officers, that there was a weapon at the scene. that folks picked it up and went southbound on paloo street. that all helpedded us to find the weapon. >> he just got a barber college license. he just got a license to cut hair, he was a good person really. he just didn't pay his fare. >> reporter: police say the suspect had a serious criminal record out of state. officers patrolled the third street corridor with an addi
. but the largest court system says it's not going that far but there are issues. ktvu's maureen naylor reports on what is happening. >> reporter: this resident waited a half hour in line to file a order today. >> there is less clerks. you have to wait in line longer. a lot of times they are just pushing things threw. >> reporter: inside the courthouse stacks of files wait to be processed. the court says what used to take days now takes weeks. after a hundred jobs were eliminated in the last three years. radelay in processing a judgment means waiting months to recover. >> the quicker you are able to stand in line the more likely you will be successful. >> reporter: 16% of jobs are vacant and the department is slated $10 million in cuts. >> just for our county the hit is huge. >>> the court is committed to keeping 89 courtrooms open and 850 employees working. >> we will ask the public to endure a high vacancy rate, which means a drop in services no matter how hard our employees work. >> reporter: one project in jeopardy is the family courthouse slated to begin construction in 2013. they hope th
investigators suspect illegal fireworks are to blame. ktvu's maureen naylor is live in south san francisco and has new video of the fire, maureen. >> reporter: ken 300 cars are parked in this overflow parking lot for hertz near the airport. cell phone video we just got to the ktvu newsroom shows the flames, dark smoke from this afternoon's fire. tonight the incident remains under investigation, but they are looking into if fireworks are to blame. near the parking lot sits shell after shell of cars after the fire. >> it's terrible. the cars were parked like sardines. >> reporter: all parked on dry grass, wind fueled the fire at about 2:00 this afternoon. >> the flames started catching the vehicles, and we were trying to play catch up and contain it to a particular area. >> reporter: by the time they caught up, 45 vehicles had burned in a parking lot that backs up to a motel. >> i called my brother and said, get out of the room, the lot is on fire. it looked like an inferno. >> it looked awful, they had to evacuate the motel. >> i heard fireworks then we looked out the window and i want to s
continue our coverage of the controversial shoot and ktvu's maureen naylor is live in san francisco with the new developments in the investigation and the neighborhood's response. maureen. >> reporter: heather, police credit the community and this cell phone video for helping to find that weapon. in the video, you see a large crowd near 3rd and oakdale following yesterday's officer- involved shooting. the person who posted it unanimously claims you see a handgun 20 feet from the mortally wounded teenager and that someone in a hooded sweatshirt picked it fun. >> whoever posted the videotape demonstrated that there was a firearm at the scene and people at the scene made off with the weapon. >> reporter: officers say they recovered the weapon at o10:30 last night. police say the video and independent witnesses back up the officer's story, when they tried to detain a 19-year-old for fare evasion on muni's line, he fired at them. >> god bless the community who has the courage to come forward and tell us the whole story, that there were shoots fired at the officer and there was a weapon
the property. ktvu's maureen naylor reported in august of 2009, he apologized for that failure. >> reporter: i offer my apologies to the victims -- >> i offer my apologies to my victims and i've accepted responsibility for having missed an earlier opportunity to rescue jaycee. >> reporter: the contra costa county sheriff says that missed opportunity came on november 30th 2006. when a neighbor called 911 reporting young children living in several tenths in garrido's yard. >> the caller also said that garrido was psychotic and had a sexual addiction. >> reporter: the sheriff says the responding deputy spoke with garrido in the front yard and left a half hour later reporting no criminal behavior. >> we missed an opportunity to have intervened earl littler. we are beating ourselves up over this and we'll continue to do so. >> reporter: the sheriff offered no excuses but noted, garrido would still be in prison today if he had served his full 50 year prison term for a nevada conviction in 1997. three years later jaycee dugard was kidnapped. he was paroled in 1999 at which point he registered as a se
novato. more coming up at 10:00. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a holiday outing turned tragic today. a man drowned after helping his companion into a kayak. they were swimming and got caught in a current at 2:15. the dive team is helping to search for the body. >>> a happy ending to a search for a missing hiker. he became separated while hiking. crews were searching by air and with canine teams. this morning a helicopter spotted the teacher in an open area. we are told she is okay. bruised and scratched but that's it. >>> new information is coming out about that deadly police shooting last night at a bart station in san francisco but there are questions about what happened last night. here is david stevenson who is in san francisco tonight. >> the shooting prompted the closure of this station last night. today we are learning more about the suspect. >> reporter: bart police say it was a routine call a man carrying alcohol at the station. it ended in his death after he wheeled a knife and a bottle against two officers. the officers, one with six years experience, the other 18 m
. there is our top story at this noon hour. i'm maureen naylor in today for tori campbell. >>> the extentive -- extensive manhunt is underway for two men near morago who shot at a patrol officer. you are looking at a live view of our news crew up above. there's a line of searchers combing this area. they believe this is the area where the men are that shot at the officer. you can see there's about a dozen people conducting the search. we've seen from newschopper2, taken about a half-hour ago, and a s.w.a.t. team jumped out of the armored vehicle with guns drawn. this morning, a park captain said the search last night was done very quickly. but today's search, it will be comprehensive. >> we don't take these things lightly. we go in tactically prepared. it's an area with a lot of concealment and cover. it will be an exhaustive planned operation. >> the gunmen opened up fire around 7:00 last night. the officer took cover and was not injured. it took agencies several hours. we'll continue to monther the live search and bring you updates if there is any on during this newscast. >>> your post off
's our top story at noon today. good afternoon. i'm maureen naylor. tori campbell is 06 today. >>> there are many unanswered questions regarding a sleepover where a 14-year-old girl ended up dead. we're live with why investigators are looking into if something the girl drank may have played 5 role. here's alley alley rasmus. >> reporter: we just spoke with the authorities and the sherr 6 investigators say according to their initial is a -- sheriff investigators say according to their initial report, it may be alcohol-related. they say they went to the home where the sleepover happened and found a bought of -- bottle of vodka there. this 14-year-old girl invited three other teens to a sleep over at her house. now, all four teenagers got violently ill and started throwing up. the parents hosting this sleepover thought it was food poisoning. but the 14-year-old did not wake up. the paramedics were called to the home and they found she died in her bedroom. investigators are not sure what, if any, charges the parents of this ving yum -- this young victim may face. >> we're looking
appearance in los angeles. good afternoon. i'm maureen naylor. >>> we're waiting for the hearing in the bryan stow case too start in southern california any minute now. allie rasmus is live in san francisco where she just got off the phone with prosecutors. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. this arraignment was scheduled to start at 8:30 in the morning. we're not sure of the delay. when i checked with the attorneys, they were still waiting for the arraignment to start. the two men are louie sanchez and marvin norwood. we spoke to the attorney. they said a family did not go to the courtroom but instead a legal representative is in court today but he did talk about the attorney's reaction. >> here you have, however, i think a real breakthrough. i think some of the evidence will come out this morning that, in fact, they have the perpetrators of this crime and so forth. so the family's reaction is, you know, this is just another emotional tug at them and it would be great to at least get this part of the thing over with. >> reporter: now, initially, los angeles police had arrested a di
safe when they're away from home. maureen naylor tonight with our special report. >> reporter: just two years ago this school was abandoned. used as a warehouse for the school district and a target for vandals in this toppled down west oakland neighborhood. today it's spanking clean, filled with high tech equipment and punctuated by the delightful sounds of children playing. when the old cole elementary school reopened for a summer camp, 40 people showed up. this year it had more than 90. oakland police chief said oakland is a main resource. >> here is a great opportunity to make some community improvements. >> reporter: outside on if once bare and broken asphalt parking lot, the warriors have built a shiny new basketball court. and the oakland a's are preparing a pint sized baseball diamond for children. a lot filled with garbage is now a lot filled with play equipment. volunteers are teaching reading, leadership and a different perspective about police. >> i think that anything we can do to keep kids safe in each parent's mind is a win. >> reporter: this is now headquarters for the s
shuttle mission. millions of the people are expected to watch friday's launch. as ktvu's maureen naylor reports a bay area native is one of the four astronauts on the atlantis crew. >> reporter: this week a national icon is scheduled to lift off for the last time. shuttle atlantis is set to launch friday morning marking the last mission for the entire shuttle program. >> it was over sold quite honestly. at the time they said it would operate once a week. the most it ever flew was seven times in a year. >> reporter: fort worth nasa aims director scott hubbard says it's time to move on. >> a astronaut good friend of mine said, when you go over earth you're exploring the first 30 times but after that you're not exploring you're just going in circles. >> reporter: they came up with one key decision. >> it is high risk, aging and very expensive. and should be recertified or replaced. >> reporter: rex wilhime will be one of four astronauts in the final mission. the san carlos high and uc berkeley graduate has flown on two prior missions. >> i'm proud of him. seems to be no fear in him. he's
. coming up at 7:45, maureen naylor will have more on the growing tension and how police chief greg sur is responding. >>> a windsurfer is okay after spending the night in the water after one surfing. armly we told you she was on the way to the san francisco hospital. we're now told that she's not going to the hospital at all but is instead going home with her husband. here's more. >> we believe she'd been drifting with the tide probably all night. so when we first got if the call, the tide was going out so it probably swept mer way up towards brisbane. >>> two women accused of a crime tree in emery ville are set to -- emeryville are set to appear in court today. raven stewart and lache rodriquez, police say, broke into at least five cars in emeryville last friday. investigators say stewart's baby was with the pair at the time. the women were arrested friday night when they tried to return items at a target in exchange for a gift card. >>> a fairfield woman is out of jail this morning after charges over a fatal fire were dropped. the district attorney says involuntary manslaughter charg
. the morning news continues. >>> and good morning to you. it's tuesday july 19th. i'm maureen naylor. >> and i'm kraig debro. dave and pam are off today. let's get a quick look at the weather and traffic. good morning, steve. >>> kraig, maureen, thank you very much. low cloud, fog, combination of both. once they burn off it will be sunny and warm. for some. but still slightly below average for inland temps by the coast though near average. 60s 70s there. temperatures are starting to warm up. will they continue? we'll have our five-day forecast in about five minutes. update now on the traffic with sal. >>> on the richmond san rafael bridge traffic looks pretty good here in both directions leaving and then getting into marin county. also the san mateo bridge right now the traffic is nice getting out to the high-rise with very little fog in your way getting out to highway 101. 6:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> we're continuing to follow developing news this morning. a search is expanding for a missing bay area wind surfer. the woman disappeared last night after going wind surfing along the fost
morning news. >>> good morning. i'm kraig debro. >> and good morning. i'm maureen naylor. pam and dave are off today. it's tuesday july 19th. let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. first start with steve for a check on this tuesday morning. >>> thank you, maureen. thank you, good morning, and kraig. we have low clouds making a march inland. that was not the case yesterday. they'll burn off and temperatures today getting near average but still slightly below even though we're getting mid-80s inland. 68 for a high in san francisco normal. we are warming up a little inland. here's sal. >>> good morning. right now traffic is moving along pretty well as you pass the coliseum. you can see traffic looks good here passing the coliseum and also the oakland airport exit. this morning's commute is doing okay at the bay bridge toll plaza as you can see it's light there. no problems getting into san francisco. and if you're driving on the upper deck of the bay bridge, it looks good into the city. 5:00. let's go back to the desk. >>> we're continuing to follow developing news this m
rental rules ease rising rents will continue. maureen naylor, ktvu news. >>> in news of the world tonight from somalia, concerns that 2.4 million people in need of food assistance are now going without help. this weekend those searching for help continue to flood into mogadishu. this after the islamic group turned course and said it would not allow food. the group denies that a famine is taking place and that thousands of people have already died. it's estimated 11,000 people need aid across the drought hit region of north africa? >>> from china, a story of survival. rescuers found a 4-year-old girl alive. the little girl was found unconscious but is expected to survive. lightning caused one bullet train to lose power and a second train slammed into it. the crash was the first since the country launched bullet trains back in 2007. >>> in egypt, a night of violence in cairo has been armed with knives and sticks attacked thousands of protesters. the protesters were trying to march to the headquarters of military rulers. they want if council to move faster to bring mubarack's officials to ju
naylor -- maureen naylor. tori campbell is off today. it's tuesday, july 26th. >>> the lunt is on for two gunmen in the east bay hills who opened fire on a regional park officer. jade hernandez is live where the search for the suspects continues. >> reporter: with daylight we're seeing ranchers here at the park. those walkers are talking about what brought multiple law enforcement officers out here and what will eventually bring them back. >> we heard fire engine, police cars, whatever else you could think of. >> and a helicopter. >> yes, and a helicopter, yes. >> i walked out there to the reservoir many times and there are places i'm sure they could be hiding in there. >> reporter: authorities are expected to be back out here searching the rugged, wooded terrain at rancho laguna park. they will be looking for suspects in the shooting and for evidence of a possible marijuana-grow operation. last night around 6:30, an east bay police officer on routine patrol and foot found himself under fire at the reservoir. he returned fire on two shooters. officers couldn't tell if he hit anyone but to
'm maureen naylor. tori campbell is 06 today. >>> -- is off today. >>> a 14-year-old girl died at a sleepover allie rasmus is live with more, including the soda that's becoming a big part of the investigation. >> reporter: we're live in santa rosa. this agency is investigating the 14-year-old's death. now, the four girls at the sleepover, including the victim, said they passed around a soda that taste strange. the sheriff's office determined there was an unknown substance to it. the teens were at a sleepover at a home and all four got sick during the night. they started throwing up after they drank the soda. at first, the parents thought it was food poisoning, but then on sunday, one of them would not wake up. they called paramedics. and they determined she died. the crime investigations unit are looking into the death. a cause of death for that 14- year-old girl has not been determined yet. we've put in requests with sherr 6 investigators to find out -- sherr 6 investigators to find out where they are with the -- with the investigation. back to you. >> thank you. >>> pleasant
to you. i'm dave clark. >> i'm maureen naylor. tori campbell has the day off. it's monday, july 25th. >>> investors are worried about the lack of progress on raising the u.s. debt ceiling. pam cook has more on this after both sides said they hoped to have this resolved before the markets open. we know that didn't happen. >> no. and when the markets do open, it will be a big indication of what happened. the dow jones is down to 86 points, to 12,595. that's come down from the earlier drop of 100 points right at the sound of the opening bell. overnight all of the major asian markets closed down. again, they will reopen again. they are definitely looking towards washington, d.c. to see what happened. the biggest loser, the shanghai composite. australia lost 1.5%. japan finished up. the german market has wandered back into positive territory, a few times within the last few hours. the french and british markets remain down from the closing. now, related in all of this cody traders are taking action. crude oil prices fell below $99 but are now offer -- hovering above that point. some credi
mornings on 2. it's sunday, july 24. i'm mike mibach. >> good morning, i'm maureen naylor. >> good morning, it's sort of a ground hogs day, when it comes to weather. assuming you have seen the movie. more of the same, slightly cooler in some areas. for the afternoon, the clouds back with us this morning. a little patchy drizzle, a longer coastline around the clouds have reached inland. upper 50s along the coastline, widespread 80s for inland areas. and the bay area right in between. we'll take a look at what you can expect outside your door for the afternoon, and talk about where we go from here, in just a little bit. >>> new this morning, hundreds of gay couples are saying i do this weekend in new york. >> i now pronounce you legally married. >> the first same-sex marriage was performed just past the stroke of midnight at niagra falls. new york, became the sixth, and largest state to allow same-sex marriages last month. in preparation, new york city set up a lottery for same sex weddings today. more than 700 ceremonies are expected to take place. one couple who won the lottery says everyo
say can predict even prevent crime. you see how this works firsthand with police today, maureen naylor. >> reporter: santa cruz police are the first in the nation to use this algra rhythm now used to predict crime. we followed santa cruz police today. >> this is one of the areas here that we're looking at. >> reporter: into two areas that data shows a burglary is likely to happen. this medical park and this neighborhood. >> the probabilities here showing half residential and half auto related crimes. >> it was right here in this same parking spot. >> reporter: ludini has lived here for a year and has already had his car broken into. >> i had my bike stolen. there's a lot of burglary out here. >> reporter: with the city on pace to have the highest burglary in six years they welcome a new alga rhythm. to predict crimes based on eight years of data. >> we think this will revolutionize policing because we won't have more staff, we will not have more money. >> reporter: after typing in recent crime data, a map shows up. with the possibility of a crime happening today the chance of a vehicle
, maureen naylor. >> the city of san jose started it's new fire academy today and welcomed nearly two dozen firefighters back. 22 of the new firefighters are returning after they were laid off during city budget cuts last year. at that time 49 firefighters were cut in all. the new class at academy was made possible by grants from fema and homeland security. the funding ensures they will be back on the job for two years. they are expected to return late next month. >> chlorox turned down a take over bid. the company said his offer is to low. it is the largest share holder. they are adopting a measure so other share holders can fight off the bid. he has suggested they look to shopping to competition. >>> borders plans to close all stores in united states after nobody stepped forward to buy them. the company said it'll can a judge on thursday to go ahead with plans to liquid ate stores starting friday. employ borders was the second largest bookstore chain in the united states. >>> on wall street stocks fell on concerns of the detect showdown. the dow dropped 94 points, the nasdaqoff 24. >> m
on the rise, especially in silicon valley. as maureen naylor says buying in the bay area isn't an option for many renters. >> just as his dog chases a ball marcus is chasing the american dream. the texas transplant finds buying a home in the bay area difficult. >> that's $100,000 or so just fort down payment and having that without cashing out your 401k is pretty much impossible i think. >> reporter: he is a round $200 a month to live in this apartment complex. >> have been here for two years, we have renewed the lease once and it went -- ten or 12%. >> reporter: according to the research group real facts rent jumped 12.6% from a year ago and has the highest average rent among the 43 areas surveyed at more than $1,700 a month. this mother paying about $2,500 a month for a two bedroom apartment is debating the move. >> we may consider representing either a condo or even maybe -- buying a place of our own. >> we have the perfect imbalance of sly and demand. this are more renters than available rental units. . >> reporter: the california department association said the demand is fueled
along to keep it going. in san jose, maureen naylor. >> the city of san jose started it's new fire academy today and welcomed nearly two dozen firefighters back. 22 of the new firefighters are returning after they were laid off during city budget cuts last year. at that time 49 firefighters were cut in all. the new class at academy was made possible by grants from fema and homeland security. the funding ensures they will be back on the job for two years. they are expected to return late next month. >> chlorox turned down a take over bid. the company said his offer is to low. it is the largest share holder. they are adopting a measure so other share holders can fight off the bid. he has suggested they look to shopping to competition. >>> borders plans to close all stores in united states after nobody stepped forward to buy them. the company said it'll can a judge on thursday to go ahead with plans to liquid ate stores starting friday. employ borders was the second largest bookstore chain in the united states. >>> on wall street stocks fell on concerns of the detect showdown. the do
park, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news glnchts the highway patrol is searching for a hit and run driver in santa clara. the collision happened about a 5:30 a.m. the chp says the driver of a green dodge caravan was driving wrecklessly and hit both a motorcycle and another vehicle. the person on the motorcycle was killed. the driver in the van took off on foot. >>> vallejo police are investigating the death of a woman found in a motel parking lot. when they arrived at the dleks inn they found a 30-year-old woman with a fatal gunshot wound. her name is not being released until a relative is notified. investigators are checking to see if there's a surveillance video to help. >>> sheriffs are hoping witnesses will step forward as they investigate a break in at the wood side village church. investigators say the thiefs pried open a door and stole thousands of dollars of sound equipment. >>> republican presidential candidate michelle bachman says she will only submit balanced budgets but she stopped short of promising she will veto bills against a budget deficit. she focused on how they
if they got the option. maureen naylor. >>> san jose's assistance police chief is also leaving the department. she will become the new police chief of hayward. >> it really has been an incredible honor to serve the community. and very bittersweet for me. i love the men and women in our police department. and i'm going to miss them terribly. >>> diane urban is a 23-year- old veteran of the department. she was appointed deputy chief. urban says her departure is not tied to department budget or lay offs. but she says her leaving will free up one position. >> it's the first on time budget since i've been governor. >>> governor brown said the $86 billion budget quote puts california fiscal house in much better shape. the plan balances the state budget and pays down much of the state's structural deficit. but governor brown said there's more work to be done. >> californians are going to have to think very hard about what is it that we want from our university, from our police and sheriffs. from our safety net for the most vulnerable. for our children. >> reporter: the budget includes deep spending
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